Joanna Gaines + Loloirugs + Magnolia

We have heart eyes for the beautiful Joanna Gaines that stylist, Carlos Alonso-Parada, recently worked with for the new Magnolia/Loloirugs advertisements. What an awesome team.


PH: Lacey Land
PH: Shaun Bailey
On figure stylist: Carlos Alonso-Parada
Set stylist: Hilary Rose Walker w/ Seaminx

Western Wednesday

The Slusher duo is at it again! New lifestyle work from

Lisa Slusher and Blaze Mathis on hair and makeup!

3R 3L 2R 2L 1R 1L


Stylist: Lisa Slusher
HMU: Blaze Mathis
PH: Scott Slusher
Model: Ashley LaCamp