Paper Dolls

Michael Thomas new hair & make up work for FDLuxe.

Keeping tabs: A paper doll bride-and-groom pictorial


HMU: Michael Thomas

PH: Molly Dickson w/ SisterbrotherMgmt

Stylist: Stephanie Quadri w/ SisterbrotherMgmt

Styling Assistant: Carly Davis w/ SisterbrotherMgmt

PH assistant: Justin Leveritt

Models: Hanna Pults w/ The Campbell Agency, Lexi Russell w/ Wallflower Management, Macaden Arnell w/ The Campbell Agency

08 07 06

Beauty & Jewelry

Brand new jewelry styling from Geovany Martinez & Beauty HMU from Michael Thomas.
Ph: Andy Klein
Stylist: Geovany Martinez
HMU: Michael Thomas
Producer: Sarah Colavito
Models: Makayla Harmon w/ Kim Dawson Agency & Maurie Smith w/ The Campbell Agency
Maurie-final_2_grain[1] Maurie-final_grain[1] Makayla-final_3_grain[1] Makayla-final_grain[1]