PaperCity Magazine September 2014

The big day is finally here and it’s September! Head to go pick up the newest issue of PaperCity Magazine. This issue is packed full of beautiful fall fashion. This month is special because not only did our artists, Carlos Alonso-Parada style the cover with his assistant Jill Schlichenmaier from On Set Management, but he also styled a three-page spread inside the issue titled, The Reward. This spread is about a super couple, Amber Venz Box and Baxter Box. Won’t want to miss this folks!

Credits for Cover:
Stylist Carlos Alonso-Parada
Assistant Stylist Jill Schlichenmaier
Photography Maxine Helfman
Executive Editor Kate Stukengberg
HMU: Al Tidwell
Model: Mak Harmon

The Reward Credits:
By: Pamela Kripke/ Maxine Trowbridge
Stylist: Carlos Alonso- Parada
Art Direction: Michelle Avina
Photographer: Mindy Byrd
HMU: Carmen Williamson
PaperCity September 1

PaperCity September 2

PaperCity September 3

Labor Day

OSM hopes that everyone enjoys their holiday weekend.

Photography- Shayna Fontana
Models with Campbell Agency- Roxanna Redfoot,Kyle Breaux, Lukas Moffett
Breauna Monet with Wallflower Management
Hair & Make Up- Kate Yancey
Stylist- Carlos Alonso-Parada
Assistant Stylists- Veronica Cortes