Joanna Czech

HMU artist, Carmem Williamson works with Joanna Czech, Global Skincare Advisor for La Mer.  Carmen will be taking appointments in the beginning of January at Joanna’s new salon in Dallas. New images for Joanna Czech from Carmen Williamson.

HMU: Carmen Williamson
PH: Scot and Kristi Redman, DStylesheet

Julie Cohn Designs

Carmen Williamson collaborates with Julie Cohn Designs + Bows and Arrows to create these new advertisement images for Julie Cohns’ jewelry line.

toni-1 toni-4 toni-3 toni-2

HMU: Carmen Williamson

Jewelry by: Julie Cohn Designs

PH: Heather Hawknins

Model: Toni Allik w/ Dragonfly Agency

Styling & Floral by Bows and Arrows