Julie Cohn Designs

Carmen Williamson collaborates with Julie Cohn Designs + Bows and Arrows to create these new advertisement images for Julie Cohns’ jewelry line.

toni-1 toni-4 toni-3 toni-2

HMU: Carmen Williamson

Jewelry by: Julie Cohn Designs

PH: Heather Hawknins

Model: Toni Allik w/ Dragonfly Agency

Styling & Floral by Bows and Arrows


Our stylists, Lisa Slusher, has just recently launched her brand new jewelry line, SparkofChange. Each necklace is hand made by Lisa using different crystals. The focus on the line is to bring positive energy to others, while searching for positivity in your own life.
You can purchase her pieces on Etsy.
When receiving your necklace you’ll get information on each crystal and what healing power it will bring you.

Don’t forget to *cleanse it in the moonlight
*charge it in the sun
*set an intention for your day or week

Follow SparkofChange on instagram @sparkofchange