Fitness Friday// Nike Run //
Athletic styling by Ashley Lee & photographer Will Graham, Producer Willy Adams
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GRAPHIS Photo Annual 2018

Our very own wardrobe stylist, Lara Amis, was a part of the team awarded  Gold & Silver awards in the Sports Category for the  GRAPHIS Photo Annual 2018.

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PH: Matt Hawthorne
Stylist: Lara Amis


New Short Film “Burn” from Lara Amis
Click HERE to LOVE this trailer like we do.
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.56.39 PMCredits:

Director of Photography – Evett Rolsten
Editor – Evett Rolsten
Styling – Lara Davis
Brandon Thornton
Edgar Paul Edwards
JD Davis
Chris Brooks
Lukas Moffett
Alexandra Wedner
David Lobban
Addiel Guevara
Patrick Kratz
A.C. – Addiel Guevara
Assistant – Patrick Kratz
Audio Mix – John Laing
Music – Rival Consoles “Looming”