Black Optical

Black-optical-4 Balck-Optical-3 Black-optical-2 Black-optical-1 Black-Optical-mainOur newest hair & make up artist works with Black Optical for new advertisements. Make sure to check out her portfolio on our website!


HMU: Carmen Williamson

PH: Shayna Fontana

Stylist: Stacy Suvino

Model: Elizabeth Elam & Michael Vestal


Newest HMU images from Carmen Williamson. We are so excited to have her be a part of our agency!

HMU: Carmen Williamson
PH: Shayna Fontana
Model: Emily Ball w/ Wallflower & New York Models
Lighting: Brad Baker

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A little throwback Thursday #TBT action for everyone today. Photo shoot for Madden NCAA Football 2013 PS3 game cover with RG3 from Carolyn Kramer & Michelle Dick.
Check out the #BTS

Stylist: Carolyn Kramer
HMU: Michelle Dick
PH: Tim Mantaoni

Behind the Scenes @ D Magazine

Check out this Behind The Scenes video of the newest D Magazine cover!

Photographer: Elizabeth Laven
Produced by: Blair Remington Garcia
Hair & Make Up: Michael Thomas and Patti Burris (Virginia Mcalester’s Make Up)
Stylist: Stephanie Quadri
Assistant Stylist: Nicole Hammontree
Photo Tech: Michael Clouser