Saturdays are for the boys!

Men’s lifestyle wardrobe & propping with stylist, Ashley Lee.


Photographer: Clay Hayner
Stylist: Ashley Lee
Producer: Kaylah Key
HMU: Jocelyn Lopez
Models: Chad Rohde (KD), Erik Neff (KD), Nick Burnett (KD) and Jeff Pollock (Campbell)

Urban Sanctuary

Stylist, Carlos Alonso-Parada & assistant, Gabriel Ortiz for
E R D O S at Home.

Client: Erdos At Home
Producer/Art Director: Sabrina Dee of Black Book Ink
Ph: Jason Acton
Lead Stylist: Carlos Alonso-Parada
Stylist: Hilary Walker for Seaminx
Assistant Stylists: Gabe Ortiz, Meaghan Grace, Jamie Lyons
Set: Aaron Bender

Master Bedrooms for At Home

Carlos Alonso-Parada styles these master bedroom sets for
At Home, assisted by Gabriel Ortiz.
ZENBedroom_Swipe_Zen_b_1180x520 URBAN
Check out more sets & propping styling from
Carlos on our website!


Client: At Home/ Miyan Benita & Erin Klawiter

Art Producer: Kerry McStay

Ph: Ben D’Avanza

Sets & Propping
 Stylist: Carlos Alonso-Parada

Stylist: Ann Alford

Photo Assistant: Michael Quevedo

PA: Micah Smith

Assistant: Gabriel Ortiz

** We sure do love this ROCK STAR CREW

Class of 2028

Summer is officially over as everyone heads back to school.
Check out Neiman Marcus Back to School shoot online, sets & propping designed by our own, Geovany Martinez.
PH: Nick Prendergast
Sets & Propping: Geovany Martinez
Stylist: Mari Hidalgo
Hair: Shane Monden
Makeup: Ashley Robinson
Art Director: Leslie Laudo

The Beautiful Body

Brand new set design & prop styling in FD Luxe June 2015 issue from Geovany Martinez. Amazing crew for this spread.

Photographer: Fredrik Broden
Styling & Production by: Ariella Villa
Set Designs & Propping: Geovany Martinez
Makeup by: Ashley Robinson
Hair by: Shane Monden
Models: Lauren Galyean, Olivia Golden, Taylor Greene, and Heather Hazzan

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