HMU artists, Michelle Dick, brand new athletic work.

PH: Clay Hayner
HMU: Michelle Dick
Stylist: Ashley Wilson w/ Seaminx
Model: Heather Love w/ Kim Dawson Agency



The Crystal Charity Ball | The Ten Best Dressed Woman of Dallas

Three OSM artists collaborated for this article in the PaperCity Magazine September 2015 issueCarlos Alonos-Parada & Gabriel Ortiz were the stylist on set, while Carmen Williamsonstyled HMU. Make sure to pick up this issue of PaperCity.

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Words by Jane Rozelle

Portraits Mindy Byrd

Art Director Michelle Avina

Photographed at the studio of George Sellers and The Joule

Set Stylist: Carlos Alonso- Parada, Gabriel Ortiz, Marjon Henderson, Erin Fischer

HMU: Carmen Williamson, Jessi Marquez

All fashion, jewelry, and shoes from Neiman Marcus, Unless otherwise noted

Playing Field

Newest work from Jill Schlichenmaier published in Ellements Magazine.


Styling: Jill Schlichenmaier
PH: Roy (Anirban Roy Choudhury)
HMU: Briana Dai
HMU Assistant: Brittney Hoyt
Assistant Stylist: Audrey Schlichenmaier
PH Assistant & Digital Tech: Michael Clouser
Art Director: Karl Mayer
Models: Addie Stone, Selina Bell, & JD @ The Campbell Agency

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