Man Crush Monday

All new men’s styling from Geovany Martinez.

Stylist: Geovany Martinez

Ph: Justin Osborne

Grooming: John Ball

Model: David Miller w/ Kim Dawson

DAVID_3-214 DAVID_3-178 DAVID_3-156 DAVID_3-109 DAVID_2-062 DAVID_1-120 DAVID_1-088 DAVID_1-036



New lifestyle spread from Lisa Slusher.

The Slusher duo know how to capture that perfect summer feel.

1L 1R 2L 2R 3C 4L 4R 5L 5R 6C

Stylist: LIsa Slusher

PH: Scott Slusher

Art Director: Courtney Cox

HMU: Lisa Martinson

Model: Ashley LaCamp

Farm House

Needing some interior inspiration?
Carlos Alonso-Parada prop styled this room for At Home.
 Be looking for more prop styling from Carlos.


Client: At Home/ Miyan Benita & Erin Klawiter

Art Producer: Kerry McStay

Ph: Ben D’Avanza

Prop Stylist: Carlos Alonso-Parada

Soft Styling: Martha Shultz

Photo Assistant: Michael Quevedo

PA: Micah Smith

Assistant: Gabriel Ortiz

The Beautiful Body

Brand new set design & prop styling in FD Luxe June 2015 issue from Geovany Martinez. Amazing crew for this spread.

Photographer: Fredrik Broden
Styling & Production by: Ariella Villa
Set Designs & Propping: Geovany Martinez
Makeup by: Ashley Robinson
Hair by: Shane Monden
Models: Lauren Galyean, Olivia Golden, Taylor Greene, and Heather Hazzan

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